I am Moshood Shehu Kolawole. My native language is yoruba and i hail from oyo state iseyin to be precise. I am a computer science student of Nigerian Army Institute Of Technology And Environmental Studies. I love blogging, it is the best thing I like doing most. I have started blogging for so long. My main reason for creating this blog is to enlighten those who don't have the knowledge on latest news, latest technology, latest things happening around the world, latest tricks and so on. i can never get tired of blogging no matter how hard the situation may be i will always blog because i love to share the little knowledge i have. Even if the knowledge is very little i am ready to share it. It is known that those who share knowledge will never lack knowledge so that one of the reason why i will always share knowledge until i die.
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Facebook: Moshood Shehu
IG: Moshoodshehu
Phone number: +2348094869527 Or +2348153750601

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